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The car rental company could earn money despite dumping prices. The economic situation of the crisis in 2010 and the lack of take-back guarantees, the car manufacturers have forced the car rental company but to a reduction of the fleet. May be fewer cars also means that you can not rent at dumping prices. Even with car rental providers, the principle of supply and demand. The award-drenched Mallorca tourists will probably have to bite the bullet. One can not expect these prices at the counters of DTW Transportation. Where one tries to surcharges, fuel options, etc. to keep the revenue in recent years.



Some states have already summer vacation, in other major holidays are just around the corner. Many parents are already on pack your bags, or just planning a family vacation. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves today to the subject car travel with children. If you yourself have no children, but this post is of interest to parents in your circle of friends, do they like to point out? If you note as a parent a few little tips that you can look forward to a relaxing family vacation. Metro Cars Especially for families with small children, it may be useful to the destination with the pilot to controls on-site mobile. To save yourself and your children many hours of stress caused by driving or endless traffic jams.